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I have a christmas cactus at home (I believe that is what it is called) and I cant seem to be able to get it to bloom. I water it so that there is just enough to moistion the soil and i leave it near a window so that it is not in direct sunlight but it gets some. What am i doing wrong?

Christmas Cactus are stimulated to bloom by shortening days so don’t expect to see flowers until late some or fall…at Christmas if you’re lucky.  In the meantime, water it heavily and then not again until it gest bone dry> Feed it with Jack’s blossom Booster about once a month during the rest of spring and summer then stop feeding in September…just water until late February.  Christmas Cacti are epiphytes…they don’t naturally grow in soil but clinging to the bark in the crotch of a tree.  They get water only when there’s a soaking rain then they spend long periods drying out in between…you want to simulate these conditions. Once you see flower buds forming..keep the soil just every so slightly moist.  Keeping it in a cooler location can extend the bloom time and heavy soaking during flowering will make the flower pass quickly.

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What do I do with my Amarillus now that it is dying?

After the flowers are spent, cut off the flower stem. By now leaves have probably started to emerge from the bulb. To get your Amaryllis to flower again, it’s important to promote this leaf growth. Think of the leaves as solar collectors that convert sunlight into energy that’s stored in the bulb for the next flowering cycle. Bright light (but not direct sun) is the source of next year’s flowers. Keep the soil lightly moist and feed with a soluble plant food like Jack’s Classic at half strength about every two or three weeks. Wait to until the flowering cycle has finished before you start feeding. The best way to strengthen your Amaryllis is to sink the pot in a semi-shady flowerbed outside when things warm up next summer. Sink the pot into the soil so that the exposed part of the bulb is almost covered. Before frost, bring your Amaryllis inside and allow it to dry out completely. Keep dry and store at 60 to 65 degrees for at least a month. This dry storage period is necessary to stimulate your Amaryllis to begin its next growth cycle. Remember, Amaryllis like to be potbound, so leave it in the same size pot for two or three years.

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What to use to prevent Christmas tree from shedding it needles

Here’s a blog post all about that.  In addition, you can spray it with Wilt-Stop to help prevent moisture loss.


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what makes the poinsettia loose its leaves and flowers

These are classic symptoms of drowning…never let them stand in water.  They very much prefer to be kept on the dry side.  Not bone dry but VERY lightly moist.

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Looking for artificial PERMANENT Christmas Tree Flocking Spray. A lot of the sprays I see say they are not intended to flock full trees. Do you have any advice? Does Hewitts sell flocking spray?

Unfortunately, when it comes to flocking an artificial tree, all of them that are flocked permanently have gone through a baking process in an oven to ensure that the flocking is set and dry on the tree. This is how we manufacture all of our flocked trees that we sell. We do sell the tree flocking spray however it usually only lasts about 1 season as it will rub right off of the tree after you put it back in the bag or box for storage. Most flocking sprays sold are more for light flocking, touching up pre flocked trees or for spraying on windows using stencils. If you do decide to try it with the available flocking spray, be sure to use thin coats to insure that it dries correctly and apply multiple layers.

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Is there anything with the tick scare surrounding Christmas trees? How safe are your trees?

The tick scare revolves around going out into the local cut your own lots where the ticks live.  There are a lot of ticks in our area this year.    Brushing through tall grass and crawling under a tree to cut it down is where the greatest exposure to ticks will come from.

Our trees come from Canada or N. Carolina where they are cut, wrapped and placed on trucks for transport.  Any tick that might be present would likely drop off the trees during the cutting and dragging process or are blown off during trucking .  We have never had a customer or employee tell us of getting a tick on them from any of our trees.

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we are looking for 7 volt 100 light strand for our lighted hallmark ornaments do you know where we can find them…

We do carry 100 light sets but I am not sure where the 7 volt comes into play. I have a few hallmark ornaments that I simply plug into my regular light set. If the ornament is requiring 7 volts, that would be a 15 or 20 light set. Maybe your best bet would be to call Hallmark and see exactly what is needed so that you don’t damage the ornament.

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Good morning, Can you please tell me the tupe of Balsam trees you have available and the cost& height? For pickup how are the packaged s.l. bo x, plastic, put together? please advise -Jamie S.

We sell “Fralsam Firs” a cross between Balsam and Fraser Firs.  They are 6′ to 9′ for $54.99.  We make a fresh cut and will tie them on your roof for you.  We sell a wide variety of artificial trees.  It would be best for you to drop by to see that selection in person.

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A year ago Christmas I bought a very strong, white suction cup hook at the Glenmont Store. It held a substantial wreath on our front window for a month. I have another us for it and can’t find it. Are they available now at Hewitt’s stores? Thank you.

Our Glenville store is the only store that still has them left in stock.  If you wish I could have some transferred to the Glenmont store just let me know how many.  I will take a week or so for them to get moved.  They are $4.99 each.


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Do you sell fresh christmas wreaths and sprays?

Yes we do.  Some in stock now and all the rest will arrive next week.

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