Grass Seed Varieties

Annual Ryegrass
Germinates quickly. Best used as a temporary cover to hold an area together while more desirable turf grasses take hold. Needs lots of water and dies after the first season.

Creeping Red Fescue
Fine textured with a deep green color, red fescue grows well in full sun or shade. It is drought tolerant and grows well in acid soils. Tolerates light or infrequent feeding.

Hard Fescue
Widely adaptable to almost any light condition, hard fescues are also extremely disease and drought resistant. They also tolerate infrequent and irregular feedings.

Kentucky Bluegrass
Fine-bladed bluegrasses generally require lots of direct sun and need to be fed and watered in greater amounts and more frequently than other turfgrass types.

Perennial Bluegrass
Easy to germinate and establish, perennial rye is compatible with bluegrass and fescues. Provides a tough turf suited for a play area and tolerates some shade. It needs regular watering during dry periods and gets by on modest feeding. “Repell” is a new, insect repellent variety of perennial ryegrass.

Poa Trivialis
Also known as rough bluegrass, poa trivialis is the most shade tolerant of all the turfgrass types. IT is also tolerant of wet soil. It does not do well in full sun and must be watered during extended dry periods.

Tall Fescue
Renowned for durability, tall fescue is extremely drought resistant due to its deep extensive root system. This is the turfgrass of choice for a heavy use area where the need for durability outweighs concerns of appearance