hi I have double headed begonias in a tub, im just wondering why the water is takeing along time to soak in to the soil when I water them also they don’t seem to be flowereing much, I bought them from a garden centre about 6wks, I water them everyday, is this too much or not enough?

I’m not sure why the water isn’t soaking in quickly…probably the type of soil you have.  It sounds like you are watering WAY too much.  Always check the soil by poking you finger into the soil an inch or so..  If it feels cool and moist wait another day and check again. Depending on the size of the pot, it shouldn’t need watering but every few days.  It may be drowning and that will prevent it from flowering.  You could feed it with a soluble plant food like Jack’s Blossom Booster every three weeks or so and that will help give the plant the energy it needs to flower.

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