I live in Geyser Crest Saratoga Springs, the soil is very sandy my yard looks like crap, would you have any suggestions for me on how to improve what little grass I have and grow some in the areas where it isn’t ?

The first step is to get a handle on the pH to create conditions that grass can thrive in.  More on that HERE.  Then you’ll likely need to get some grass seed going…use our Sandy Grass Seed Blend…there is none that even comes close for quality grass in sand.  HERE’s more on growing a lawn from seed.   In sand, watering extra is necessary so make sure you do that correctly.  More on that HERE.  While you’re getting the lawn restored, you’ll need to feed aggressively…probably 3-4 times.  Make sure to use a high quality food like out Country Estate brand made just for local conditions with nutrients and micro-nutrients that you don’t find in any other brands.

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