We took out an old barbed wire fence on the east side of our property.  The lot to our east is wooded so the property line stays shaded to late morning or early afternoon.  We want to put in a row of flowering shrubs that will take part shade and will be tough enough to not be overtaken by the wooded property.  Could even be multiple types of shrubs for added color.  We love not just the color added but the birds and butterflies they attract.  We live in Berkshire county in western Massachusetts at  about 1200 feet of elevation and get plenty of wind especially during  winter and spring.  This planting line directly faces west so plants need to be hearty.  We would love to come visit your store.  Any thoughts you have so we can begin planning would be great.

Peter Bowden Answered question May 1, 2023

My best suggestion would be Amelanchier.  It is a native and can grow as a tree or bush form.  They floer early (now) and then provide berries that birds love.  Very hardy and adaptable to a wide variety of light and soil conditions.

Peter Bowden Answered question May 1, 2023

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