• How did you hear about us? Word of Mouth
    Which store do you shop at? Glenville

    We had a great experience at your store. The manager was very knowledgable and knew exaclty what we were looking for. You were out of lettuce plants but we were told that they would be coming back in by the end of the week. Thanks for everything. I am a customer for life.

  • How did you hear about us? neighborhood
    Which store do you shop at? guilderland and glenmont

    will you carry bulk soil and mulch? 😐

  • Latham Store on rte 7 has great selection and display. Staff is always pleasant and extremely helpful, compared to other Hewitts stores.. It ranks #1. PS your facebook link isn’t working.

  • Which store do you shop at? Clifton Park

    On Mother’s Day we went to puchase our shrubs. Christie helped us out and let me tell you she made our experience phenominal. She was so knowledgeable, not pushy anything. I would go back to see her in a minute. This girl deserves a promotion!!!

  • Which store do you shop at? east greenbush, latham

    Dear Mgt,
    In November of 2010, we bought a Christmas tree for the lobby of our apartment building in Albany. We formed a committee and asked the committee to shop around the area for the best deal (not the cheapest).

    The committee of 3 shopped WalMart, Home Depot and Hewitts. One committee member (me) has been a customer of Hewitts for a long time and wanted to give our business to a local merchant, aka Hewitts.

    We picked out a tree that was within our budget, $350. We got it home, put it up and found one section of the tree wouldn’t light. We made a decision right then that we would decorate the tree and overlook the section that wouldn’t light and take the whole thing back after Christmas.

    We took the tree back in January 2011 and Hewitts issued us a full credit for the tree, which I thought was very generous. November 2012, our house decorator went back to Hewitts, credit in hand and bought a new tree, one that was guaranteed to light when all others failed, and she spent an extra $50 for the tree.

    In December 2012, we took the tree out of the box and assembled the three parts to form a tree. Again, there was one section that refused to light. This time, I called the Hewitts in East Greenbush and asked what we were doing wrong. The manager, Rob, said…”are you close by and can you bring it here and I’ll see what I can do?”

    We brought back the mischievous section and Rob took time out from what looked like a very busy day and tried to get it to light. When that failed, Rob went somewhere and came back with a brand new replacement section of the tree, plugged it in and it lit up.

    We took the new section home, hooked it up and continued to decorate the tree while singing the songs of Christmas and the praises of Hewitts.

    Thank you, Hewitts for being there when we need you and thank you for employing people like Rob.

    Ron Ross
    Executive House Apartments
    175 South Swan Street
    Albany New York 12210

  • Which store do you shop at? Glenville

    Incredibly helpful staff and management. It seems I always have questions about yard and garden care and I love how the staff consults with one another to offer the best advice for organic lawn and garden care. My unending questions and occasional returns are handled cheerfully. LOVE MY HEWITTS!

  • Which store do you shop at? Queensbury

    I cant say enough nice things about the staff the the Hewitts store in Queensbury. Everyone there was extremely friendly, helpful, considerate, pleasant and all around just awesome. I am no Martha Stewart and all I wanted was some decorative items that if I forgot about for a day they would still be alive. I had NO Idea where to begin and the staff was right there to help in every way possible. I will 100% recommend this garden center to any and everyone that I know. Great job guys!

  • Which store do you shop at? Latham

    I had never been to Hewitt’s before – my first trip was AWESOME! The guy greeted me immediately, helped me find what I was looking for and loaded it into my car. I’ve been there every weekend since.

  • How did you hear about us? Went to Hewitt’s with a friend
    Which store do you shop at? Latham

    I went to Hewitt’s with a friend and he had a coupon from a mailing for a extra ten percent off a purchase. He purchased a beautiful arrangement of summer flowers for his steps. I wanted to purchase a arrangement for my steps but the staff would not allow me the discount without the coupon. I am not from the area so I asked if they had a flyer at the store and they said no. They would not let us purchase them together either. So I passed on my arrangement and they lost a sale. I went across the road to another landscape place and purchased one there that I am quite happy with. I also will not go to Hewitt’s to shop anymore..

  • How did you hear about us? Happened to drive by!
    Which store do you shop at? Clifton Park

    I went to this store thinking that it was going to be expensive! But I got great deals, and the staff was more knowledgeable than any big chain store I’ve ever been to! The girl who helped me was so patient (as I am knew to gardening) and answered every single question I had! I now have 3 beautiful everblooming hydrangea plants that I couldn’t be happier with! I highly recommend this store instead of one of the big chains. 🙂

  • I just built a home and needed shrubs, bushes and plants for the front of my house. I have never been to Hewitts and know little to nothing about this subject. The sales associate was more than informative, suggestive, patient and even loaded all of my shrubs into my car. I am thankful that he took the time to help me choose what was best for my soil, light and needs. Thank you very much!

  • Which store do you shop at? wilton, clifton park and queensbury

    I like all your shops, but how about having peter at them more often, I talked to him once or twice and enjoy his tv spots on sunday

  • You always have what I need and pricing is very competitive. Knowledgeable staff is a major bonus so I can actually get the correct answers as opposed to other places.

  • My husband and I purchased shrubs today and signed up for the Garden Club which was brought to our attention by Peter Bowden (this was the first time we heard of it). When I got home I realized that the cashier had not asked for my email address even though she said we would get emails so I went to your website to sign up for email from you. In doing so I noticed that you give senior and military discounts which is something that we have never been offered (you can’t tell by appearances who was in service but you can tell my husband is a senior) or saw any advertisement of it in store or in your newspaper ads. Needless to say we will not pass this up in the future. However I would suggest that you put this in your ads especially the military discount on these holidays when Home Depot and Lowes advertise their military discount in their flyers and have it posted by their registers. As always great plants and great buys.

  • My husband and I were purchasing some pond plants this morning (Wilton location). The sales associate was trying to help us and one of the truck drivers was being very rude. He did not want to wait two minutes for another employee to arrive to work and help him unload the truck. The driver continued to harass the hewitts employee blatantly in front of us. I feel like someone in the company should be aware of this behavior.

  • I’m looking to try your Country Estate brand lawn fertilizer, but my lawn is 13,000+ sq ft and your store only carry 5000 sq ft and 10,000 sq ft. When adding 10,000 and 5000 sq ft together, it is almost 2X expensive than the Scotts 15,000 sq ft fertilizer. Hope you carry larger size fertilizer or discount price when buy more.

  • I purchased a Trumpet Vine on 5/23/2013.
    I planted it per the directions and watered it well.
    Maybe to much water in a mixture of clay, sand and Miracle Grow potting soil. I fed it Miracle Grow plant food twice. During the summer of 2013 I got a total of ONE flower.
    In the fall the plant started to wilt. I dug it up and put it in a large container. I kept it in my basement all winter. Watering it enough to keep the soil moist. It died and is only 4 foot sticks now.
    Lifetime Guarantee doesn’t apply? That doesn’t make me a happy camper.

    • Ken, You have done the impossible…killed a trumpet vine 🙂 The only possibility I can see is that it drowned. Moving it inside for the winter probably finished it off. They need the cold winter dormant stage outside…just part of being a winter-hardy plant.

  • is there any way I could order a replacement part that goes on the white round patio table that keeps the legs together? It’s the round plastic thing that the umbrella goes through and keeps the legs together.

  • I have a rose of Sharon bush that has been blooming for the past four years. This year it died. What went wrong?

    • We just experienced one of the coldest winters in about 30 years. I suspect you RoS is in an area that is exposed to wind from the north and west where all the coldest, driest wind all winter. If you bought it at Hewitt’s bring it back with your receipt and our Lifetime Nursery Guarantee will allow a replacement,

  • for peter bowden..been a fantastic year so far for tomatos…for the second time in my 74 years my tomatos are over six to seven foot tall and still growing..three varities—burpee super sweet—super beefsteak—big boy hybrid—about 30–40 years ago in colonie i had several grow to 12 ft…stan

  • I wanted to let you know that every time I visit the Hewitt’s in Guilderland I have an incredibly pleasant experience. This location is by far my favorite and all of the employees are attentive and jump at the opportunity to assist their guests. I am absolutely a lifetime customer.

  • I always find everything I need at the Guilderland location. A knowledgable and friendly staff is always a plus! I enjoy each visit! Logan, and Casey were of great assistance last Saturday.

  • Hello, Lindsey in your Western Ave Hewitts did a wonderful job today in helping me acquire 3 bags of Mole Max. Lindsey represents Hewitts with a professional, helpful and knows the Hewitt product line extremely well. Lindsey is a true asset to the Hewitt name and family. Lindsey deserves a lot of credit and she should receive a high appraisal in her job performance. Sincerely, John a very happy Hewitt customer.

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