Cut Tree Care

To insure a safe and enjoyable holiday season, there are a few tips we would like to share regarding fresh cut Christmas trees.


The easiest way to make sure you are getting a tree that has been recently cut is to buy it early.  Trees are generally available the week after Thanksgiving.  By buying the tree early, you are able to keep it fresh yourself.  Once the tree is home, cut an inch or more off the trunk unless it was just cut where you purchased it and place it immediately in very hot water.  If you don’t plan on using it right away, place it and its water in a cool area that won’t freeze.  This will allow the tree to replenish any moisture it has lost since being cut.  Keeping the needles pumped up with moisture is the only way to guarantee that your tree will remain fresh the entire holiday season.  Check frequently to make sure that the trunk is ALWAYS submerged in water.  If you find that the water is completely gone, you MUST make a fresh cut at least another inch up the trunk to enable the tree to absorb water again.

There are antidesiccant sprays that can be applied to the tree to inhibit moisture loss.  These sprays will help the tree retain moisture in hot, dry rooms.  When you bring the tree inside to decorate it, cut the trunk again.  Immediately place it into its stand with water and tree preservative.  Check daily, making sure to fill the stand before the water level gets below the bottom inch of the trunk.  If the reservoir is allowed to become dry, the tree will dry out very quickly, dropping needles and presenting a fire hazard and will not begin to drink water again unless it is given another fresh cut.

To aid in post-season cleanup, remember to place a tree removal bag on the floor before erecting the tree.  This will catch any needles that fall off and keep any spilled water from damaging floors or carpets.

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