Hi Peter! I just bought a house in Albany. It is a brick house with some hedges already, but I am looking for more. My preference is:

  • able to plant in fall or summer
  • full sun
  • fall colors (red or orange)
  • fall blooms
  • good for a low (4 ft chain link) fence cover
  • manageable to maintain for a first time home buyer

Do you recommend any bushes that suit these preferences? I was referred to Hewitts by Michael Lawrence.

Peter Bowden Answered question July 29, 2022

Look into Rode of Sharon for late blooms.  It can get larger but a snip every few years will keep it at the height you want.

I’d suggest that you take some pictures of the place and not what the exposures are (north, south etc) and visit our E. Greenbush location and talk to Lee or Dan so they can suggest your best options for you.

Peter Bowden Answered question July 29, 2022

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