A co-worker recently gave me a sunflower plant as a gift and I keep it in my office. I have had it 1 week today. Last week it was doing well and I come in today and the leaves are all blotchy and spotted. I water it every 3 days. Any ideas of what it could be? The flowers are still blooming. Thank you.

It sounds like it is probably drowning.  Rather than watering it on a schedule, feel the soil and, if it feeld moist, wait a couple of days and feel it again.  When it feels dry a couple of inches down, give it a little water but don’t soak it.  Plants drown much more quickly than they die from dryness.  Honestly, a sunflower needs full sun all day to survive and thrive.  Inside the best you can do is enjoy it…it is more like a cut flower.  Offices need low light plants and sunflowers aren’t.

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