Wondering if I am still ok to plant arborvitaes.  I want to plant anywhere from ten to twenty of them.  I here spring is best but now is ok.  Should I wait till next spring? Should I plant smaller ones as opposed to larger ones now?  Just wondering what is my best route. It’s obviously cheaper now but not worth it if they die.  Thank you

Peter Bowden Answered question September 1, 2023

This is a great time to plant arbs and other shrubs and trees.  There’s plenty of the season left for them to establish a root system before winter.  The days are shorter so there won’t be any heat stress.  Plant whatever size you like but be sure to add Bio-Tone starter food to the planting holes and keep them watered.  The sooner you get them in the ground, the better so they can take advantage os the rest of the growing season.

Peter Bowden Answered question September 1, 2023

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