Are the roots of my meyer lemon tree wet, and if so, can I remediate?Purchased the tree in May, kept it primarily indoors, save for a few summer days, for short periods of the day. South east exposure indoors with filtered sun, thoroughly watered once a week. It bloomed at least three times over the summer, and produced 9 lemons, getting larger by the day. The tree’s been indoors exclusively since September. Current problem: still watering once a week, but by the end of the week, the leaves appear to be shriveling. Once I water, they seem to revive and straighten, but each week more and more leaves are turning yellow and falling off. The soil is dark and cool when I stick my finger down near the main stem, but not soggy and wet. I remove any standing water from the bottom of the planter. What can I do? I am so close to having yellow lemons! I have pictures that I can share, let me know where to send them if it would help your assessment .

It sounds like your lemon tree is getting too much water.  The days are so short that it won’t need nearly as much as in the summer with the long days.  Give it a rest.  Perhaps water either at a longer interval or with way less water at the same interval you are using now…once a week.  Don’t feed it until late February and then dilute the food to 1/4 strength.  You can gradually increase to watering as the days get longer as spring evolves into summer.  Don’t expect much in the way of new growth during these short winter days.  You are just maintaining the lemon through this rest period until the sun it needs to thrive returns.


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