I’m looking for several specific plants and shrubs. Unfortunately, it is late in the season so I would like to determine whether or not you have the following in stock:

  1. Blue spruce
  2. Juniper cypress/juniperus Virginiana ‘skyrocket’ or Sky Pencil Holly (Ilex cremate ‘sky pencil’
  3. Vanilla strawberry hydrangea
  4. Arborvitaes (10)
  5. Limelight hydrangea
  6. Cornus alba ‘Ivy Halo’ (varigated dogwood) shrub, white flowers with varigated foliage
Peter Bowden Answered question November 12, 2021

Sorry, the stores have mulched away whatever few shrubs that are left over for the winter.  It was almost a complete sellout.  I’d suggest waiting until spring so you’ll get the best selection

Peter Bowden Answered question November 12, 2021
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