I\’ve had 4 Brugmansias for at least 4 years. Each one is in 14\”x14\”14 pots. I cut them back and over-winter them in my 45-degree dark basement. I try to give each one about a pint of water every 6 weeks during the winter so the roots do not die. This past winter I was very negligent. They went into \”storage\” in early October and I never gave them water until late February.

In late March I moved them into my 60-degree garage that offers some morning sun and started watering them more. Only one plant had a 1/8\” green shoot.

Since I have never repotted the Brugs, in early May I decided to remove the Brugs from the pot that had the one green shoot and trim 2\” off the roots on all sides. After removing it from the pot, the roots I cut off had a very nasty smell. I had to use a jig-saw to cut through the soil and the compacted roots! The green shoot fell off.

By now, my Brugs should be sprouting. Nothing is happening. Did I wait too long during the winter to give them water? Should I not have trimmed the roots on that one Brugs at this time of year? I scrapped one of the other Brugs and it has a bit of green underneath the bark.

Peter Bowden Answered question May 27, 2021

It sound like 4 months without any water was too much for them to recover from.

Peter Bowden Answered question May 27, 2021
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