Can I start my dahia tuber after I treat with bleach? I have some with light mold should I treat all of them that wintered in the same place? I thought they were dry enough when I put them up in peat moss and newspaper in a box but a few have mold. Also should I plant them as usual or let them dry out after I treat for mold?

I’d avoid treating your tubers with bleach but you might as well try starting them as usual.  The mold indicates they are being stored in too-moist and probably too warm conditions. Try dry, sterile potting soil for storage medium.  Take them out of storage once a month or so and brush them off with a whisk broom and let them dry on the surface before returning them to their cool storage location.  Peat moss is not sterile and may have the mold spores present.  Potting soil is sterilized.  “Garden Soil” and peat moss are not.

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