Hi Peter,

I have my grandmothers christmas cactus and its very sentimental to me.  it started dropping full leaves, I wanted to repot it as it hasnt been done in probably a decade but its starting to bud.  I don’t want to lose the plant but I feel like I need to act fast or it’ll start to suffer. The pot its currently in, is ceramic with no drainage hole.

Any tips you have would be so appreciated because this plant holds such a special value.

Thank you.

Leslie Anderson

Peter Bowden Answered question November 3, 2021

Christmas cacti live in trees in the wild so a larger pot isn’t a huge concern.  They often thrive in the same pot for may years.  Being i a pot with no drainage hole is not great.  You can but a drill bit that is used for drilling brick or masonry and use that to drill a small hole in the pot.  They like to be soaked well but then allowed to get bone dry for a while between watering.  The big concern is too much water which may be behind the leaf dropping issue.  Don’t feed it until March or so and even then feed sparingly.  They like bright light but not much direct sunlight.  HERE’S A LINK to more on Christmas Cactus.

Peter Bowden Answered question November 3, 2021

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