Dear Mr. Bowden,I hate to bother you and know that you are very busy, but I had a few questions concerning my newly acquired raspberry plants (my first time raising virtually anything on my own) that I was hoping to please ask you if you had a moment to spare. I have two varieties (Heritage red everbearing, and Fall Gold everbearing raspberries), and I selected the ones with the nicest buds and some green shoots already starting to develop. As of right now, they are still in their white bag within the box. Some of the leaves are turning slightly brown, though still appear to be healthy. Would this be because perhaps they are too dry, too moist (as I imagine the container they are in holds in moisture), or they are running low on their reserves and should be given a supplement considering I don’t know how well along they were in the nursery (something low in, or without nitrogen right now?)…or perhaps it could be any of these causes, if that is not normal coloration? Overall, since it may be a few more weeks before they can go into the ground, what would you recommend care wise while they are still developing? Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely,Cody Himelrick, J.D.

It sounds like they are drowning.  Keep them in a cool location to slow them down and water the sparingly.  No need to feed them until planting time (early/mid May after frosts are done).  I’d mix some Espoma Bio-Tone starter food into the planting holes…that’s all they need for the first year.

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