hi peter, i usually weed and feed my lawn every spring but with the price of fertilizer going up so much ive been holding off. its usually for a 2 acre lawn. question is ,since we have been getting some early morning frost in southern columbia county, would i still need to use the weed and feed for the dandelions and other weeds.i finally started getting my lawn somewhat healthy again after feeding it every spring.

thank you barry

Peter Bowden Answered question April 29, 2022

I’d spik the weed and feed and use a liquid weed killer to spot spray the weeds.  You’ll need a tank sprayer but that is a one time investment.  Bear in mind that, with weed and feed products, you’re buying a lot of weed killer that never does anything.  Only the weed killer particles that stick to the leaves of the weeds do the work of killing weeds.  Weed killer is absorbed ONLY through the leave of the plants.  The rest that bounces off and dissolves into the soil is wasted…and your paying for it.  It is wasteful and abusive of the environment.  I’m not a fan of weed and feed.  With a liquid, you can wet the leaves of the weeds you want to kill without spraying area that have no weed.  Because the liguid coats the leaves more efficiently, it is absorbed faster and better than a weed killer granule.   So, skip the food and spray just the weeds.  Bear in mind that it is too early for weed killer applications.  You’ll want to wait to apply untin night time temperature are averaging 50° reliably…usually late May.  Spray when rain is not expected for a coule of days after application to give the plant enough time to absorb a lethal amount of the weed killer.

Peter Bowden Answered question April 29, 2022

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