I’ve been doing my best to care for my large fiddle leaf fig tree. I bought a moisture meter, only water it once a week with a plant food specifically made for fiddle leaf figs. The leaves are browning and the lower ones are turning completely yellow. I have the plant in the original growers pot I got it in from Hewitts. Do you suggest putting it in a different pot with better drainage? We are trying to fix the problem before the whole tree is affected.

Peter Bowden Answered question July 20, 2020

Stop feed and water only enough to keep the soil lightly moist.  Never let it stand in water.  It will use more or less water depending on the time of year so base your watering on the plants needs, not a schedule.  Although they don’t like full sun, they need bright light.  Move it as close as you cab to your brightest windows.

Peter Bowden Answered question July 20, 2020
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