Hi I’m new to gardening, I’d like to plant floribunda roses next spring at my new apartment in Albany. Can you point me to an article or book about when to plant them, what kind of soil I need to buy, if I need to buy mulch and how far apart to plant them?

I’ll also need to know how to care for them in winter.

I’ll be looking to buy 3 rose bushes next spring. I’d like them to be 4 feet or taller, with as much fullness as possible. I’m interested in floribunda, the peace rose and hybrid tea roses. Thank you.

– Melissa

Peter Bowden Answered question October 21, 2022

The greatest requirement will be a spot with full sun meaning 9 hours or more in mid-summer.  The soil will need to be well drained.  You can amend it with com compost and Rose-Tone food at planting time.  They will need to be planted about 4′ apart but that will depend on what variety you choose.  Floridindas are hardy here so minimal winter care is needed.

We always have them in spring but I can’t tell you what exact varieties will have.  Planting in mid May or so is best to give them a chance to get established before the next winter.

Peter Bowden Answered question October 21, 2022

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