• I have 3 rhododendron plants we bought 3 years ago. The plants are great but I only get 1 flower each year. I’ve read too much wateri could be bad, but everyone is getting the same rain and there’s are full of flowers. Thanks
Peter Bowden Answered question July 22, 2021

They take a while to get established.  Feed them in spring with Holly-tone and make sure not to prune them.  Pruning late in the season removes the latent buds for the next year’s flowers.  Only prune immediately after the flowering period in spring.  Also make sure you haven’t piled mulch up against the stem/bark of the plant.  Brush any mulch or soil away from the stem until you find the original soil the plant came in and keep it that way.  Piling mulch against the bark slowly strangles the plant reducing its vigor and eventually kills the plant.

Peter Bowden Answered question July 22, 2021

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