I have bugs in my indoor plants.  I notice them when they are flying around, but I think they’re the kind that grow in the soil and mess with the roots, because when I have baby plants they often die and the look like they had no water, even though they had enough water.

So I need a insecticide for indoor plants, but it must be edible by humans because I have herbs I want to use in my food.  Is there such a product?

Peter Bowden Answered question January 9, 2021

Insecticidal soap is appropriate but you’ll want to wash the herbs off before using.

It sounds like you may have fungus gnat which feed on fungus that grows in soil…usually and indication that the soil is being kept too damp.

More info here: https://extension.colostate.edu/topic-areas/insects/fungus-gnats-as-houseplant-and-indoor-pests-5-584/

Peter Bowden Answered question January 9, 2021

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