Good Morning. We have thatched the lawn and now wonder what comes next. Seed the bald spots, Grub control or Fertalizer with crab grass control…. Help…. Desperate for a pretty lawn.

If you need to seed, then that would be next followed by frequent watering the area so the seed will sprout.  It cannot be allow to dry out at all until the grass seed is up and growing.  Then feed it with a good starter lawn food.  If you are putting seed down then you must NOT use regular crabgrass preventer since that will also prevent your lawn seeds from growing.  There is a crabgrass preventer that will stop the crabgrass but not your grass seed…ask for that at Hewitts and they will direct you to the proper product.  Grub control should go on in July of every year.  Here’s some links that might help you.

Lawn care…timing is everything




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