Hello, I have 3-hydrangea’s, 1- bleeding heart bush that I planted to close to the house now that they are growing too big I and I should move them. When is the best time and the best way to do this. I also have a really large, gorgeous Rosa-Sharon tree that got blown over on it’s side but still in the ground by high winds. I want to move it as well but not sure how to do it or when. Can you please give me some direction. Thank you so very much. Sincerely,Joyce

The best time to transplant shrubs is when they are dormant so mid to late October after the leaves have fallen off or as soon as the ground thaws out a warms up a bit in spring before the leaves come out. Transplanting during the growing season usually shocks the plant to death.  Prune away about ¼ of the upper branch structure to help minimize shock at transplanting time. Get the hole dug in the new locations so they spend as little time out of the soil as possible.  Add some Bio-Tone starter food to the new planting holes.  Dig up as large of a root ball as you can handle and wrap in burlap if possible so the dirt doesn’t fall away.  If the dirt falls away, it rips off all the tiny root hairs that take up moisture and nutrients the plant needs.  Replant and water in well.  Here’s a link that you might find helpful as well:  https://www.thespruce.com/how-to-transplant-trees-and-shrubs-2131175

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