Hello Peter – I am hoping you can provide a solution to why my Niko Blue Hydrangea bush is not flowering. I has healthy leaves all season and a few “buds” but they do not develop into mature blooms. It is planted on the south side of our stone front home and gets shade in the early morning have used Miracle Grow but have not had any blooms for two years now. I do not trim it back or take off any seemingly dead branches. Thank you for any assistance you may offer.

Nikko Blue Hydrangea’s root system is hardy in this area but the stems above soil are not.  Nikko Blue produces buds and blooms on stems that are two years old but they never survive winter.  They grow new stems each spring and summer but they never survive the winter to flower during the second season.  Bottom line…Nikko Blue can survive here but will rarely, if ever flower.  I’d replace it with something else.

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