hello peter,I have 2-3″ tomato seedlings in a 36 count starter. I keep a t-5 bulb on them 14-16 hours a day and moist soil. I just noticed the leaves have very tiny red spots on them. Is this cause for concern? And what can I do for them? Also I have some nice green bell pepper seedlings in the 2″petemoss containers. they’re two seedlings per container. How do I separate them and try to save all of them without harming root system?thank you barry

If you can send a picture of the red spots I’d be happy to take a look. Probably nothing. Keep the leaves dry…lots of light. Maybe a fan on low to create little leaf movement to strengthen the stems.

There’s no real way to separate the peppers without some root disruption. I’s snip off one of them or just plant the two together and decide later which is the stronger plant and remove the weaker.

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