Hello!Just a quick question was thinking about doing the 4 step lawn program however I see that grub killer doesn’t go down until July/ August. Our lawn is getting torn up skunks digging for grubs. I have holes all over my yard. Is there a grub killer to put down now? April/May? Or is it possibly not grubs? But something is digging for something. I appreciate your help! If you could email me back at be great! Thanks!!!

There is a grub killer that you can use in spring but the grubs are only going to be there for another month or so. That won’t stop the skunks from looking for them. I’d suggest sticking to the 4 step plan but allply Mole Max repellent to the area. It repels all rodents including skunks and will stop the damage immediately…the spring grub killer won’t. I’d wait until the heavy rain Thursday an Friday morning to pass and apply the MoleMax just after so it doesn’t get washed away.

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