hey peter just wondering what can i put down to kill off crabgrass this late in august and also is there something i can do to stop the neighbors weed filled lawn from creeping into mine? ( its a shared part of lawn between houses and powerboat in the development) i know its late in the season to kill it but its a thing that came out of nowhere since they neglect their lawn badly. thank you james

There are crabgrass and weed killer combination sprays available for you to use this time of year.  The best way to deal with crabgrass is to use a crabgrass preventer in spring right as the first lilac flowers are opening.  Since crabgrass come fresh from seeds every year (the mother plant dies forever over winter) crab preventers are the best way.  If you apply corn gluten a couple of times a year, this will stop all seeds from germinating in the area…the effect of corn gluten gets stronger as you repeat the applications.  For established weeds coming from roots, the weed killer spray is the way to go until the corn gluten takes over.

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