Hi, I attended the seminar at the Wilton store on Saturday and afterward showed you photos of a group of 5 douglas fir trees in my yard, 2 of which are not doing well. I purchased the Holly Tone and Miracid as you suggested, but would like some more specific information on how and when to apply these products. Should I apply the Holly Tone in the soil around the tree trunks first? How many days/weeks should I then wait to apply the Miracid? And is the Miracid also applied in the soil around the tree trunks? How frequently should I apply the Miracid, and is there a point at which I should stop applying it? Thank you in advance for your help!

Get the Holly-Tone into the soil right away since it takes some time to dissolve and start working.  In the meantime start using the Miracid right away.  Dilute as directed on the package and wash it down over the stems, twigs and what is left of the foliage.  The idea id to get nutrients directly into the bark to stimulate some quick growth…Miracid can do this.   No need to soak the soil with the Miracid…the Holly-tone will feed through the roots. Apply the Miracid to the plant about once every 2 week until early June when it starts getting hot…finish the applications by the end of the first week of June.

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