Hi, I just recently moved to Clifton park, as you may know the soil up there is a sandy soil. my question is what’s a good fertilizer and grass seed to put down for a situation like that? I also went from a 1/8 acre to a 1/2 acre of land would like a thick plush grass for the front yard. Maybe something that doesn’t grow to tall haha for less mowing. Thank you, Josh

We’ve had a lot of experience with sandy soil.  We have our own custom blends of grass seed and out most popular is our “Super Sandy Blend”.  It is make up of grass types that are deep rooted and durable and especially suited to our local climate.  For lawn food, we also have strong but gentle Country Estate Lawn Food.  For a new lawn’s first year, I’d suggest our “Seed Starter/Winterizer” bag.  It has extra phosphorus to get a root system established quickly.  Sorry, can’t help with the “less mowing” grass…it is the holy grail…doesn’t exist. Winking smile

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