Hi. I planted a Hinoki chamiecyparis in early June that I bought from you. It’s taken beautifully until I just noticed some of the branches are turning yellow. Omg. It looks like it is dying. But I notice other conifers also turn brown and shed. Is this what’s happening to my tree? Will new growth appear in spring? Please let me know I am so worried I’ve lost this sweet little tree. Thank you.

I is normal for them to lose some inner foliage as they age but it could also be suffering from dryness.  It is very dry out there but most folks aren’t aware of it since it is fall.  I’d suggest some deep watering under it and any other evergreens you have in your landscape.  Let a hose trickle under it for  few hours a couple time a week.  If these plants go into winter dehydrated, the chances that they’ll survive until spring is greatly reduced.  Fall watering isn’t something people are used to but, these days, it seems to be an important step…especially for the first few years after planting.

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