hi my lawn has turned like hay looking all dried out and has a yellowish white color to it all in the last month while i was away i cant figure out what happenedto it .i cut it just before i went away . wonder if grubs are eating my lawn.there are no extreme bare spots either . can you tell me anything i should know ?any lawn eating diseases that i should know about that could bedestroying my lawn? thank you so much please email me back at tjhgram@aol.com

It is tricky diagnosing lawn diseases without seeing the problem or knowing whether the lawn is in sun or shade and other environmental conditions.  HERE’S a link to an overview of the common lawn diseases.


To me it sounds like you might have an outbreak of Powdery Mildew.  This is based on your mention of “yellowish white color”.


If this turns out to be the case, I’d suggest applying Bonide Infuse fungicide using the instructions on the label of the product.

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