Hi my name is Derick I bought my house last October and new I had to take trees out and regrade my yard this is my first yard to have to pant and have to take care of. The ground is all sandy with a lil clay in it I just don’t have the money to buy $2000.00 worth of topsoil to put down and would like to get some grass growing soon. Please help thank you

It would have been great if you had started earlier.  Now we’re headed into the most difficult time to start a lawn due to the long days and heat that make it more difficult to keep the seed moist constantly.  That said, you can give it a go if you think you can run sprinklers a few times a day for the 4-6 weeks because that is what it will take.  Other than that, the procedure is always the same.  HERE’S a link to how to start a lawn.  If t doesn’t “take” due to insufficient watering, you’ll have to tackle it again later at a better time…like late August or early September.

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