Hi Peter. Heard you speak at last year’s HVCC garden show…very enjoyable. I have a question now about top-dressing for my perennial beds. I have 850 square feet of perennial beds. Our soil is not great (rocky), so I like to top dress each garden each year with some nutritious mulch. The top dressing helps some with weeds, and also fertilizes. The plants seem to like it. (I also fertilize with Plant Tone.) I used Saratoga Organic horse manure as top dressing for many years, but then realized my pH was high (7.2/7.4) which I assume was due to the horse manure. I then switched to Coast of Maine Fundy Blend for many years, because it has a pH of 6.3. However, now I am hoping to find some nutritious top dressing for the gardens which is local (and hopefully less expensive). Do you have any suggestions for a source of a good top-dressing? It could be in bulk or in bags. Hope you can help! Thanks. -Nancy

Check out MooDoo Composted Manure.  pH of neutral.  Made in Vermont.  https://moodoo.com/moo-doo/

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