Hi Peter – I have 3 brugmansia, each in a 14″ pot. The brugs have grown about 5′ above the tops of the pots. All 3 formed a “Y” and produced flowers late this summer. Last week I sprayed them and all my other plants for bugs in anticipation of bring them inside for the winter. Tonight it is to be about 35-40 degrees outside so I’ve brought them inside. The Brugs are in a fairly sunny but cool room facing south for now. I’ve heard for winter I should cut them back, put them in a dark place, keep them about 45 degrees, and water them extremely sparingly. Is this what I should do with them? Where should I cut them? I have too many Florida plants as it is so putting my brugs in my unheated basement furnace room seems like an ideal place for them. It is windowless room.By the way, my other Florida plants I’ve brought in are Night Blooming Jasmine (1), Night Blooming Ceruse (3), split leaf philodendron (2, and one of them is 6′ across!), Hibiscus (3), Elephant ears (2), and a Fire Lily (1).I live 20 miles west of Glens Falls.David

Yes, your plan is a good one.  HERE’S a link that you might find helpful.  The trick is resisting watering too much.

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