Hi Peter,. I have a lawn fertilizer question for you. I live in Colonie so the soil is very Sandy and the grass isn’t very strong. Also, we have been told that we don’t need lime for our lawn because we are on the Latham water district. Please let me know what kind of lawn food/fertilizer I need to get and when and how to use it. My email address is rgari333@aol.com. Thanks so much Peter!

I can’t imagine what water district you’re has to do with soil pH.  The only way to know if you need lime to correct the soil pH is to do an easy pH test.  More on that here:  https://blog.timesunion.com/gardening/can-your-lawn-pass-the-acid-test/7429/
I’d suggest Hewitt’s own Country Estate Lawn Food.  It is strong and slow acting and made especially for our area…much of which is very sandy.
If you need crabgrass preventer, you can apply that with the first feeding in a week or so when the lilacs just start opening.  If you don’t need a crabgrass preventer, you can apply straight lawn food with no crabgrass preventer anytime now.  In about a month you can apply your second feeding.  If you want to control weeds you can apply Country Estate Lawn Food with Weed Killer in a month.
I’d also suggest that you get to know Denise and April at our Clifton Park Hewitt’s.  They know all about lawn care and would be happy to keep you on track.
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