Hi Peter – I have a snowball bush which I guess is actually a hydrangea? and the problem every year is something eats the leaves and it never flowers. Today I just noticed tiny worms in the rolled up leaves. and we’re behind by about 2 wks from everyone else in this area, so I’m surprised to see this problem so early. Any suggestions for me? Thank you so much. I watch your segment on channel 6 always, and I was fortunate to attend a seminar you did at the East Greenbush Hewitts. I wish you would do more at that location.

It sounds like leaf rollers.  The best method of control now will be picking off the rolled leaves and discarding them after squashing the caterpillar inside it.  You should feed your hydrangea some Flower-tone each spring.  It also flowers on old wood so don’t cut it back in fall or prune late in the season after June or so.  Doing so removes the buds that have formed this year for next year’s flowers.

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