Hi Peter.My daughter gave me 6 large beautiful hanging planters of petunias for Mother’s Day that she ordered from Hewitt’s. They were delivered on Saturday, May 9th. They have been decorating different rooms in our home since then because of the weather outside. Can you tell me when it would be OK to hang them outside? Is it OK to keep them in the house (65-70 degrees) or should they be in the garage (50 degrees)? Also, what is the best plan for watering them? They will be in full sun.Please email the answer-alicematrese@gmail.com

Keep then in the warmer house. It looks like after tonight, they could go outside once it warms up tomorrow. Any nights in the future that look like the temp will go below 40°, bring them in. Hopefully those days are behind but this spring has NOT been trustworthy. Poke your finger into the soil and, if it is moist, don’t water. As the summer warms up and the plants get larger, they will require more frequent watering. You can also tell when it is time to water by hefting the basket. If it is heavy, it is probably wet. If it’s lighter, it will need watering. Petunias are also “heavy feeders”. A good, general purpose soluble 20-20-20 plant food every 2 weeks through summer will make them spectacular. Never feed them when they are very dry. Water a bit then feed.

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