Hi Peter, We bought an asparagus plant from the Saratoga Hewitts approximately 2 weeks ago. It is a Mary Washington plant in about a 6″ wide container. We have done nothing with it yet. The plant that was approximately 4 inches high when we got it, and now it is well over 4 feet. What is the best thing to do when we plant it. Do we leave the long leggy stalks as is? Any other recommendations? Also, someone recommended I repot my orchid plant and that the pot was too small at this point. Does Hewitts have any pots specifically for orchids?

That asparagus should get planted right away…here’s a link to great advice about growing asparagus.  You’ll leave that long stem this year and you’ll get a little asparagus next spring and more each year in the future.


Orchids don’t need a very big pot so, without seeing it, it is hard for me to say if it needs repotting. Clay pots are best for most orchids.  We have them of course as well as the orchid bark planting medium that they grow in.

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