Hi Peter. We have a Pinkster plant in our yard and I’m told they are endangered. It has developed what looks to me like a lichen in pale green along the trunk/branches. My husband wants to prune it back, but I’m not sure that will help the real problem, or if it’s even legal. How can I best help this plant and is it really endangered? If so, what r the restrictions?Thanks, Amie

Amie, Pinksters are indeed a protected plant that can’t be dug or destroyed on public land.  The lichen or moss on the stems will not harm it…it is a totally natural and harmless situation.  If you want to do a little pruning, do it right after it flowers in spring.  If you want to feed it, poke some holes in the soil around the base of the plant in spring and pours a cup or so of Espoma organic Bio0Tone food into the holes.  Nothing else needs to be done but enjoy it.

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