Hi Peter,I have 3 Angel Trumpet plants. Each one is in a 18″ square pot. They are now about 5 feet tall. Finally 2 of them produced a “Y” and started to produce several blossom “pods”. Only a few pods have opened and the large yellow trumpet flower looked beautiful hanging down. I trust the others will eventually open up. The flowers that opened have turned brown on the tips and are now complete brown. Should I remove these? What causes it? I thought the ones that opened would continue to bloom.I live in southern Warren County. The plants are in direct sunlight (now about 10am to 4pm). I have been feeding them generously and water them daily.By the way, I saw Kevin’s Angel Trump at the Wilton/Saratoga store in very early spring. It looked magnificent! A good 15 feet tall. Unfortunately I heard his came down with a bad case of spider mites. I have had those pests before and hope I do NOT have them this winter.Thanks PeterDavid Cranston

The browning of the flower buds befor they open is probably due to the soil being too moist for too long.  Datura can handle and prefers a drier soil so always wait to water until that actually start to wilt a bit from dryness.  Also take care that animals and children can’t nibble on any part of the plant since it is toxic and can cause illness and even death.

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