Hi, We live in Delmar with sandy soil and our lawn which is slightly sloped facing south is really looking bad with many large bare spots. I did a soil test on these and it registered 8…the few grass areas left registered about 7. The recommendation was to add sulfur and water in. Will the bag give me a chart as to spreader setting and how much to buy to lower the ph?? Does it make sense to you that this is so high in sandy soil? Thanks

If you have been regularly applying lime without checking the pH then you could have driven the pH (alkalinity) up.  Honestly, 8 isn’t that bad and, given time, it will gradually come down.  The bag will tell you how much to apply and the instruction manual will tell you what setting to use.  I’d not bother since it will come down over time anyway and it isn’t hugely off.  A better investment might be dormant overseeding with our Sandy Grass Seed Blend to introduce grass types that will thrive in sand.  Follow this up with an application of starter food in the spring (but NO Crabgrass preventer).  HERE’S A LINK to more on dormant overseeding.

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