Hi. We want to plant a couple of balsam trees. Even though it’s spring right now the temps are still dropping to 30s and some 20s. My question is when is the best time to plant them? Also do you carry those or similar trees and what are the prices. Thanks in advance

Early spring would be a great time to plant a balsam as long as the soil has thawed enough to dig..  We don’t stock them though.  We have spruce and you might like the weeping Alaskan Cedar. We have Norway Spruce 5′ for 135.00 and 3 galllon potted blue spruce for 30.00 and “BabyBlue Spruce in 6 gal. pots for 65.00 and 10 gal pots for 160.00

Try Toadflax nursery in Glens Falls for a balsam fir.

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