How do you get rid of Weevil? My 3 yr old Norway Spruce trees (3 out of 5) head leaders turned into a Shepards hook. Ive read that its a Weevil. Another Colorado Blue Spruce that I bought from you Latham store 8 yrs ago has had this same hook. We have cut it off and burned it every year but it comes back. Now my beautiful Spruce trees have it they are 15 ft tall.Help!

The best way to eliminate the weevils will be with a systemic insecticide.  I’ve used Bonide Annual Tree and Shrub Insect Control with great results.   You dilute the product and pour it at the base of the tree.  The tree takes the insecticide up through the roots and it permeates the entire tree so anything that chews on or sucks on any part of the tree dies.  It takes a while to works but is can’t miss like a spray.  Read and follow the directions on the label to the letter.  I’d treat again next spring and then monitor the trees in years to come and reapply only if you see evidence of a re-infestation.

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