1. Hi Peter,
  2. I have what us known as a Trumpet Vine or Hummingbird vine. It is about four tears old  The first few years it didn’t grow that much however, now, the foliage is incredibly  lush and healthy looking but I have no flowers and do not see any buds. Someone  recommended Espoma Flower Tone to encourage the growth of blooms.  I.think it may also need more sun, so I will trim.back my.Lilac so that it can get more exposure to the sun. Do you.thimk.tjat FloWer Tone would help? I have Espoma Garden  food, and Espoma Epsom Salts, Holly Tone and Rose Tone but I doubt that the last two would work. What do you recommend beside pruning the Lilac to.give the vine more access to.the sun. Thank you so  much. Many blessings, Debra
Peter Bowden Answered question August 2, 2023

It sounds like not enough sun.  If it is growing well, don’t feed it.  The only way to get more sun on it is to cut away whatever is shading it.  Let it get dry too. That may stinulate flower but the real issue is probably lack of direct sun.

Peter Bowden Answered question August 2, 2023
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