I aerated and overseeded this past labor day weekend, 9/1/14. I used the Country Estate mix with Ryegrass, two types of fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass (I think it was the Sturdy Mix). This particular area had been hurt by snow mold and a lot of voids were created that resulted in crabgrass over about a third of this particular area. I pulled a lot of it to create room for new seed prior to aeration. I’ve been watering three times a day since (for a minimum of 20 minutes each time). Some grass has definitely come up (the Rye did right away) and there is certainly an improvement, but many of voids and bare spots are still somewhat bare, with just a blade or two of grass here and there. It’s now 10/2/14 and I was hoping for a slightly better result. I put some starter fertilizer down right away and we also have a lawn care company who put some more down a couple of weeks later. The beginning of September was unseasonably cool, but warmer weather has happened in the last couple of weeks. Could this have something to do with a delay in germination? How long does it take to see the full result of fall overseeding? I’m hoping the moderate amount of new grass germinated is taking good root and spreading underground preparing to wow me next year!

All the seed you put down should have sprouted by now.  It sounds like you watered it plenty…possibly so much that the seed floated around into some areas leaving others without seed.  Hopefully the lawn care company didn’t use any weed killer with the lawn food application as that will kill young grass as well.  In either case that was way more feeding than necessary.  You can over seed the area in spring in late April or early May is it still seems sparse.  The small plants you see now will each become a much larger patch of grass as they mature.

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