I am so frustrated. I have a friend with terminal cancer who I am staying with and helping, and to cheer him up, I planted his yard in multiple flowers, some annuals, some perennials. I planted over 60 Petunia plants. All of the flowers are doing well, except the Petunias. Something is eating them….whatever it is is consuming the entire blossom down to the bottom, but leaving the greenery. I have tried Monterey BT, Neem Oil, sprinkled fine pepper on the plants, and fertilized to strengthen the plants. The Bt helped with holes in some of the leaves, that resolved, but every morning the Petunia blooms are gone. I deadheaded over 800 eaten blooms yesterday. I so want this garden to look beautiful for my friend as it may be the last one he sees. He lives in a mountainous area, but there have been no deer around. I haven’t seen rabbits. There are Quail, but they don’t seem interested. Whatever it is will eat all the purple flowers first. They also eat the “skeleton” of the flower…there’s nothing left but a stub. Anything you can suggest would be most appreciated, I am really upset.

It sounds like you might be dealing with a slug/snail problem…the DO love to eat petunias.   Thety come out at night so you might not catch them in the act.   The best method of control is Iron Phosphate granules.  We sell them as a product called Slug Magic.   It is organic and only harms slugs/snails.  Just tread ad follow the directions on the package.  Here’s a link to more on that product.   http://www.bonide.com/products/garden-naturals/view/903/slug-magic


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