I bought 3-Hydrangea Mac Harlequins at Hewitts. It says color: pink/red. They told me these would be mult-colored but after doing a search, I was unable to find anything using the name on the tag. Can you confirm the color and also explain how to prune them. There are different techniques depending on the type you have so I would appreciate it if you could let me know how to prune this particular type. Thanks:) Suzanne

Your Harlequin Hydrangeas have a bicolored flower…here’s the link to an image: . . . http://www.hydrangeashydrangeas.com/images/harlequin1.jpg . . . Harlequin is a ‘Mophead Hydrangea’ and only require that you prune of stems after they die having been replaced by new stems or cabes. Here’s a link to a great site that will fill you in on everything you need to know about mophead hydrangeas. Other areas of the site cover all the other hydrangeas as well…it is a great resource! . . . http://www.hydrangeashydrangeas.com/mopheads.html


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