I bought one of the larger blossoming cherry trees at a Hewitts a few years ago. It seems to be doing well but has never had one blossom that I can recall. Is this delay normal? I got it as a centerpiece so I’m getting bummed.

There are a coupleof reasons a flowering tree won’t flower.


Until they are well established and have energy to spare for flowering, they will forgo flowering.  To help your tree become well established more quickly, feed it.  Pound 10 or 12 holes with a pipe about 10″ deep around the tree out from the trunk about as far as the outermost branch tips (this is called the drip line of the tree).   Fill the holes with Bio-Tone starter food.  This will help the root system expand  and mature.  This will provide the tree with the extra energy it needs for flowering.


Also, if the tree isn’t getting enough sun, it will not have the energy for flowering.  It would require 6-7 hours of direct sun per day minimum (more is even better…all day full sun would be best) to be able to flower.  If it is in shade most of the day, then it will have trouble ever flowering.  It will survive and grow lots of leaves in the shade but may not flower.



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