I found beautiful foxglove plants at your store a month ago and they’ve been a beautiful addition to my garden! But now those first spikes are almost spent of flowers. I’ve read about cutting back the central spikes to encourage flowering of side shoots, but to keep them on if you want to promote reseeding. I do want to promote the reseeding in this area of the garden, but I also want them to keep flowering this year. What should I do? And if the answer is cut back, can you please explain in basic terms how to do that? The suggestions about going to the first floret or something like that makes zero sense to me novice gardening skills! Thank you!

Perennials, including Foxglove have a flowering period of a couple to a few weeks and then they are done.  If you cut off the flowering stem down at the base, it will likely send up a few smaller flowering stems but they not be as large and dramatic as the original spring stem.  Foxglove is a short lived perennial so allowing it to produce seeds is a good way to keep them going in future years.  Id suggest cutting off this larger early to promote the smaller second round of flowers and then leave those on the plant to provide seeds for the potential for more plants next year.

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