I have 10 container plants on shelves directly in front of the windows in my bay window. In front of these plants is a split leaf philodendron (5′ diameter), 2 hibiscus plants, and a smaller variety of an elephant ear. I have a 4′ tall wooden fence with a snow fence stapled to it across the “entrance” to bay window (We have cats). To water my plants I use to slide the fence out of the way. With the large plants in the way, I’d rather do something different. I use to have an indoor watering hose with a wand and 50′ of hose. It would push onto the kitchen faucet. Even when I turned the water on to a slow trickle, by the time I got to the plants and squeezed the trigger, the water would come out too fast. Sometimes when I wasn’t squeezing the trigger, the hose would pop off the kitchen faucet and the water in the hose would go all over the kitchen floor. Is there a decent indoor watering hose on the market?I’ve even thought about suspending a 5 gallon igloo drink dispenser from the ceiling and using a step stool to dump water into it. I’d have to remove the push button spigot and attach the watering hose to a new always open spigot.Any other ideas?

I haven’t any suggestions on a inside hose solution but perhaps a long-reach watering can could do the job.  HERE’S A LINK to  see what they look like…lots of options.

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